The biggest health mistake you dont know youre making

If you are reading this blog, you are likely interested in improving your health.

So, you eat healthy and avoid processed foods, you exercise, drink clean water, use natural remedies, and practice awareness to keep your stress levels in check.

But you could be spinning your wheels if you dont know what youre missing. And there is something missing to this health puzzlesomething BIG.

What is the biggest health mistake you dont know youre making?

Its so simple youll probably kick yourself.

And maybe youre already improving on this in a few areas of your life. But, in my experience as a doctor, the biggest health mistake you dont know youre making is:

Youre still using toxic chemicals at homeand you may not even realize how toxic they are.

These poisons are found in cleaning products, skin care, cosmetics, shampoos, laundry products, scented candles, food products, over the counter medicines, so-called natural remedies, and even in the air you breathe in your home.

Think youre safe because you buy eco-friendly or natural products? Think again

Buying eco-friendly/made-with-natural-ingredients products is a great start.

Unfortunately, as natural living has gone mainstream, big corporations (such as Johnson & Johnson) have swooped in to collect the profits.

Mainstream lines cleaning lines, such as Clorox, now have eco-friendly cleaning products, and smaller brands once built on integrity, have also been acquired by greedy corporations who (frankly) dont really give a flip about your health.

This is a problem in the food industry as well, but at least food companies are required to list ingredients, and those ingredients must adhere to certain standards.

Not so in the cleaning and beauty/personal care product industry.their ingredients are FAR less regulated than one would think.

Want a simple solution that wont take too much time, effort, and cash?

Ive got 5 for ya.

Our next 5 posts will be a mini-course on how to painlessly detoxify the 5 forgotten health-traps poisoning your home. By the time you complete the mini-course, youll have everything lined up to detoxify your home and discover your true health.

Week 1: Spring cleaning for your home (and body)—cleaning green doesnt have to mean sacrificing a paycheck, a weekend, or a truly clean home. Ill share my super easy formulas for DIY counter spray, carpet deodorizer, tub cleaner, degreaser, etc. All these can be made in just minutes.

Week 2: Health and well-being—including how to make your own throat spray and other effective essential-oil based home remedies for the whole family.

Week 3: Skin care—truly natural skin care products are hard to find and can get expensive quick. In this course, Ill share some of my favorite make-at-home products including a body butter recipe passed down from my aunt, a soothing cream for babies and kids, and a DIY shampoo that wont weight down your hair.

Week 4: Atmosphere makeover—does that atmosphere in your home ever need a lift? Learn how to use essential oils to purify the air, make over your personal atmosphere, and uplift your mood FAST.

Week 5: How to cook with essential oils—one of the biggest benefits of using Young Living Oils is they can be used in your favorite recipes. This final post will give you a crash-course on how to cook and bake successfully with Young Living oils. Ill also be sharing recipes.

I need your help to make this great! A little mini-course prep homework

I want you to get exactly what you need from this mini-course to successfully detox your home and improve your health.

So, before we get started with Spring cleaning in two weeks do me a favor, go through your cleaning products and make a list of what you just cant live without (bleach, Windex, that freaky-good-smelling laundry soap, etc.).

Share your list in the comments section below (no judgements allowed!), and I will address the best natural substitutes for your must-have cleaning products in the Spring cleaning post.

Also, all the accessories (stainless spray bottles, mason jars, etc.) youll need to make and store your new non-toxic goodies are available on the Essential Oil Accessories page.

Please note, I receive a small commission from the sale of any of these products to help fund our amazing blog.

And remember, this course is for YOUIm counting on you for those comments!

In health,


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