Essential OIls 101

If youre looking for the best place to begin your essential oil journey START HERE.

In this 31 minute video, I will be covering all the basics YOU need to start using your new oils confidently, effectively, and SAFELY today.

So grab a pad of paper for notes and start learning:

  • What the heck are therapeutic-grade oils andwhy you need them.
  • The benefits of Young Livings unmatched Seed to Seal™ quality control/quality assurance process.
  • All about Young Livings one-of-a-kind distillation process, and why it creates a superior oil.
  • My favorite diffuser.
  • The #1 best place to apply oils topically for rapid assimilation and specific organ systems.
  • How often to use & apply your oils.
  • How, when, and why to take oils internally (safely).
  • Handy health and household oil usage tips such as the best oils to use for:
    • Squeaky clean produce
    • Disinfecting counter tops
    • Aiding digestion
    • Taking a vacation in a bottle
    • To deepen meditation or prayer
    • Use with children (my daughters favoriteand my secret mommy weapon)
  • Oil safety and storage tips.
  • A glimpse at my favorite essential oil accessories.

What are you waiting for? Click the video and in just 31 minutes you'll be using your new oils like a pro.